Bulk Herbs



The effective shelf life of dried botanicals is 6 to 12 months.  After that properties (actions) of the botanicals begin to wear and they become less and less effective.  Dried botanicals are stored in dark brown jars away from direct sunlight and heat/cooling sources.  They are sold in food grade lined brown bags and sealed tightly to preserve their goodness as long as possible

We carry a large inventory of dried botanicals including some spices.  Some botanicals are market priced due to popularity and therefore availability.

Generally speaking, botanicals are $3.50 per ounces with a minimum order of two ounces.  Special pricing is available for orders of 8 ounces or more per herb.  We are also happy to special order botanicals for you.

Please refer to the Tincture/Tonic Section.  This lists the herbs used in our Tinctures/Tonics and will give you a good idea of bulk herbs we normally have on hand and their uses.

Herbs in jars on shelf in shop

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